Creating Better Original Products for Amazon FBA

Amazon is not all about reselling – it can also be a great opportunity to sell your own products! And it’s almost just as easy – just approach a manufacturer on Alibaba selling something similar to what you have in mind, and discuss making the necessary tweaks with them. Voila!

If you’ve come up with an idea for a product, then that probably makes you an ‘inventor’. If you’re now planning on turning that idea into a business, then you’re also most likely an ‘entrepreneur’. There are many hats in fact that you will have to wear in order to make this project a success and many skills you’re going to learn, but one that often gets forgotten and that might not necessarily come naturally is also one of the most important: you must also be a ‘designer’.

An Idea is Not a Product

Strange though it may sound, it can often be quite easy to forget the design stage altogether if you are someone who tends to focus on creating products and selling them. Most likely you will have had the idea for your product in order to solve a problem (known as a ‘stress point’) and from that point it might be a simple matter of choosing a colour and size as far as you’re concerned. Even those that do take design seriously and spend time thinking about it will often approach it in the wrong way – thinking about it from a purely aesthetic standpoint rather than a functional one.

Good design should be woven in the very fabric of your product. Great design focusses not only on looks, but also on the experience that the consumer has when they use your product. Is it eye-catching enough to sell itself? Is it designed in a way that will fit neatly into a buyer’s lifestyle? Is it designed in a way that makes it intuitive to use, and pleasant to operate?  Let’s take a look at the iPod. Here the idea and the product was simple: to create a small mp3 player that could fit 100 songs on it. This was the specification that Jobs gave his team and it was a relatively straightforward one – in fact there were many superior mp3 players on the market already.

What made the iPod great then was the fantastic design. That includes the white headphones that made the product instantly recognisable and desirable, but it also includes the ‘scroll wheel’ which was an absolute masterstroke of design – the scroll wheel enabled users to quickly scroll through a hundred songs in seconds in a way that was faster and more intuitive than any button would allow.

You don’t need to do this yourself – that’s where the manufacturer comes in handy. You can also outsource to other services like CADCrowd. But even if it just means picking the right “base product,” then you need to make sure you are thinking about design first!

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