We are the difference between shopkeeper and
store general manager.

Our Approach

From setup to making your first sales on Amazon, to dominating your product categories, we remain fully engaged at each step of your journey. Our comprehensive range of services consists of Research & Planning, Account Setup, Product Management, Sales and Marketing on and off Amazon, Shipping and Logistics, and Operations.

Setting the Stage

Regardless of growth stage, every mandate begins with a thorough audit of your current setup. We conduct extensive market study, develop a case-specific business plan, and meticulously prepare an action plan. This approach ensures that we establish a solid foundation for growth, carving out strategies that align with your unique needs.

A Sea of Talent

We follow an Open Architecture model for much of our creative work. This allows us to access and utilize a vast network of verified specialists with a proven track record. The utilization is based on experience level, design styles, personality fit to the nature of work, availability, and other nuances. This model offers optimum tailored-made solutions.

Tools of Trade

Our agency leverages 26+ in-house developed templates, specialized software, cutting edge AI tools, and paid subscriptions to manage your Amazon business. These tools enhance product research, competitor analysis, optimize listings, SEO, PPC, and other marketing initiatives, and enable us to make data-driven decisions that fuel your success.

Scope of Services

Freedom to focus on your core business

Research, Strategic Planning, and Setup

 On Amazon, leaving things to chance and figuring them out as you go along could be very costly. Without thorough planning and a well-defined strategy for every stage of development, you’ll be on a rollercoaster ride. The volatile market, ever-changing conditions, and tight competitors can hinder your growth momentum. At AMZ Bliss, we understand the importance of a solid foundation. We meticulously craft each step of your Amazon strategy, following the outlined scope below, to ensure your success is built upon careful planning and execution.

Planning and Analysis

    • Opportunity Study
    • Product Category and Market Analysis
    • Customer base Research
    • Competition Analysis
    • Financial Planning
    • Go to Market Planning
    • Preparing an Action plan

Amazon Account Setup

    • Seller profile setup
    • Marketplaces activation
    • Banking & Deposit Options
    • FBA setup
    • Seller policies
    • Returns handling
    • Notifications setup
    • Shipping setup
    • User management
    • Taxation setup

Product Listing & Store Management

The visual merchandising and overall presentation of your product carries much higher significance in the digital realm compared to physical store. Considering the customer cannot pick up your product in their hands to determine its worth, it’s crucial to make them truly stand out especially in a sea of competitors. With captivating copy, stunning visuals, and proven strategies, we elevate your products head and shoulders above others.

Product Listings

    • Keyword Research
    • Category placement selection and Ungating 
    • Listing creation and upkeep
    • Copywriting
    • Pricing strategy
    • SEO
    • Photography and visuals
    • A+ Content
    • Q&A
    • Videos: i.e. presentations and demonstrations

Storefront setup, Upkeep, and Management

Sales and Marketing

The huge traffic of ‘ready to buy’ customers on Amazon may seem like the Godsent case of ‘Build it and they will come’, but it is far from the truth. The high traffic comes with the equally fierce competition that is continually looking for ways to stay ahead in the game. Therefore, a rising seller should be knowledgeable and take full advantage of all the sales and marketing tools at her disposal on and off Amazon. At AMZ Bliss, we devise a ‘big picture’ plan that combines an optimum promotional mix to serve your business objectives by creating a steady and growing stream of customers so you can enjoy a sustained growth.

SEO and Organic Ranking

    • Holistic and deep dive Keyword Research
    • Keyword Targeting and Expansion Planning
    • Populating content, back-end Search Terms and other spec. fields

Amazon PPC and DSP

    • Audit existing PPC campaigns setup and performance
    • Devise new campaigns by adopting various strategies depending on business objectives and product lifecycle on Amazon by utilizing a mix of ad types consisting of:  
      • Sponsored Product Ads  
      • Sponsored Brand Ads
      • Sponsored Display Ads

Other AMS Platform Tools

    • Tailored Audiences
    • Amazon Posts
    • Audio Ads
    • Amazon Live
    • Amazon Attributions

External Traffic & Promotions

    • SEM and Paid Ads
    • Social Marketing and Social Ads
    • Email and SMS Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Affiliate and Influencer Marketing

Product Launch planning and execution
Sales Promotions and Deals
Brand Management: building awareness and loyalty

Operations Management

Unlock the true potential of your Amazon business with our operations expertise. We understand that success goes beyond just pushing buttons on the Seller Central dashboard. With our continuous improvement mindset, we ensure scalability and adaptability to your business needs. Our dedicated operations team works tirelessly, monitoring the market conditions and your performance around the clock, to make data-driven and optimal decisions. Years of experience have allowed us to establish a refined organizational structure with effective checks and balances to deliver exceptional results.

Continuous Storefront Optimization

  • Customer research and Market scanning
  • Incorporating proven trending best practices
  • A/B testing

FBA and Logistics

  • Procurement Management and Sourcing
  • Setup and creation of product coding system 
  • Product and shipping labels’ formats
  • Inventory Management and Forecasting
  • Control and Optimize shipping deliveries 

Review and Relationship Management

  • Review Management
    • Systematic requests for customer reviews
    • Handling negative reviews and ratings  
    • Removing malicious reviews via Amazon
  • Customer Messaging and Support

Monitoring and Protection

  • Trademark infringements and Resolution
  • Protection against listing hijacks
  • Corrupt motive Ratings and Manipulations
  • Account and ASIN reinstatement*
  • Refunds and Reimbursements from Amazon
  • Compliance with Amazon’s ToS

Reporting and Analytics

  • Brand and Sales performance monitoring
  • P/L Forecasting and Performance monitoring
  • Monitoring customer Insight and Reviews
  • Discovery of new opportunity areas

Training and Coaching