About us – Toronto’s Full Service Amazon Management Agency

A team with an eclectic and colorful background honed in on your growth

AMZ Bliss was born at the crossroads of our founder’s  dynamic career. With a background spanning digital web solutions agencies, management consulting, and E-commerce, Amir brings a wealth of diverse experiences to the table.

He kicked off his journey during the dot-com boom, leading a web solutions company from its humble beginning in a basement to a major success for 7 years. Then, he ventured into management consulting, spending a decade diving deep into various industries and mandate types.

However, it was the vibrant world of E-commerce and digital marketing that truly reignited his passion. Inspired by the booming landscape and the rise of marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart, he made a triumphant return into the realm he loves. The results speak volume as we have propelled our clients’ online businesses to tremendous sales growth and generated significant brand value.

At AMZ Bliss, we weave together this rich tapestry of experience, offering you unrivaled solutions that drive your success.

In a nutshell

We are Mindreader, UX charmer, Digital marketer, Web tech gymnast, and foremost, Amazonian.

We currently manage high 5 to 7-figure sales on Amazon and other eCom sales channels. We fight with undying resolve on behalf of our majority Canadian clients active in both B2C and B2B verticals. Much of our passion and creations come from our team’s tenacity and experience developed through the years as specialists, managers and operators in various capacities. 

Mission Statement

We partner with valued brands and suppliers to empower them to achieve their full potential on Amazon and other eCom Sales Channels.

Our Values.


Standing in your Shoes

We submerge in the world of your customers and learn about their needs, pains, aspirations, and values expected from the products. Next, We follow a similar process about you. We believe our mutual interest and the retention of your business for AMZ Bliss is closely dependent on this cycle.


A Win-Win-Win Philosophy

We deeply believe in value generation for all stakeholders, namely, the end customers, [our] partners/clients, suppliers, and all contractors and service providers involved. This belief is ingrained in all aspects of the platforms we built and businesses we manage that ensure sustainable long term growth.


0 or 1 Mindset

We always put our best foot forward by delivering only the highest quality work that yields optimum results and differentiates your brand and products from the competition by leaps and bounds. Within the available resources, we make sure we deliver the best shopping experience possible.


No Monkey Business

To get ahead of the competition, it is tempting to resort to black and gray hat hacks that go against or tiptoe around Amazon’s Terms of Service. We adamantly refrain from such practices. W will not forgo long term growth for overnight success followed by sudden disruption and loss of credibility.



Crown Cookware

“Amir played a pivotal role in taking our company from zero to 4.5 million dollars in online sales. His team's keen understanding of the market, exceptional work ethic, and ability to think strategically helped drive our success”

David P. Vella


Covertex Corporation

“Amir is highly skilled with selling product on Amazon. He is highly organized and detail oriented. Amir made the transition to selling on Amazon seamless.”

Greg Klein